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If you are interested in "going green", nothing accomplishes this better than plants and flowers.

Since 1991, Premier Horticultural Services has worked with its corporate clientele to provide the highest quality service to enhance their interior environments with plants and flowers. Offices, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and residences have engaged Premier to help beautify and revitalize their spaces, in order to promote a positive image and a healthy atmosphere.Plants and flowers have a subliminal effect on those who come in contact with them, and studies show that interior plants help clean the air naturally. Creativity and productivity are increased when you are in natural environments that reduce stress and promote harmony. Environmentally minded companies turn to Premier Horticultural Services for its expertise in creating these types of surroundings.

To further its commitment to servicing their clients needs, Premier offers local floral services such as weekly flower arrangements, gift baskets, event decorating and holiday décor. This ability to provide a full spectrum of plant and flower services gives companies the ability to turn to one provider that they know they can depend on to deliver upscale designs and superior service.


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